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MH Services for the 21st Century

Conferences by us for us!

Debt and Mental Health

Help with finances

Book keeping

Tools for Budgeting

Help with Calls to Domestic Service Providers

Help with Balliffs

Loss of Home

Is it working?

Are you paid in the form you want?

Has it affected your Benefits?

Have you been sent a P60?

Does it work?

Has the stress driven you mad?

Are the payments transparent?

Are you out of pocket for chasing late payments?

Do you wait ages for a payment to arrive stressing you out in the meantime?

When your payment finally arrives is it clear what it was for?

What if you do not want to be paid in case of jeopardising your benefits?

Why can't we be paid on the day?

Does time dull the memory was I there wasn't I there I have lost track?

"We have no record of your attendance"

Where is the form I need to fill out? "Sorry I left them on my desk" can you remind me (no because I don't have an envelope or the price of a stamp.

How do I work out which band I am in?

Reciepts reciepts I'm always losing them!

At this rate I'll be back in hospital again!

How can I relax and join in when I'm so paranoid by all this red tape! 

Getting off Medication

How to get support

The truth about side affects

You are what you eat and drink

How to grow your own fruit and veg


Do they do what they say on the label

Are they charities or big business

How much money really goes where it should

Are trustees self serving

Should they be run by the people they purport to help

Are Social Firms and Co-operatives any better?

Why are there databases under lock and key?

Have any of these charities ever been sued?

Bruised and Battered

How do we get justice?

Where have all the Mental Health Lawyers gone?

Why won't anyone listen?

How many allegations are dropped?

Just because we are mad does not make us liars!

Are we drugged to shut us up?

The truth will out