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AKIN' OVER THE ASYLUM airs on BBC4 on the 23rd September from 10.00pm and will continue over the following 3 Saturdays at 10.00pm.

Saturday 23rd August

BBC4 10.00pm

Takin' Over The Asylum:

Eddie McKenna has a dream - to become a professional DJ. Sacked from his slot on Hospital Radio Glasgow and bored of his day job as a double glazing salesman, he agrees to resurrect the radio station at St Jude's Mental Hospital. Gradually he becomes involved in the lives of the patients and realises that not all the 'lunatics' are on the inside.

Saturday 23rd August

BBC4 10.50pm

Takin' Over The Asylum:

With the radio station gaining the patients' approval, hypomaniac Campbell plans to become a professional DJ and transform it into something 'totally fresh and fundamentally loony in every way!'. His father, however, has other ideas..

Takin' Over the Asylum is a six part BBC Scotland television drama about a hospital radio station in a Glasgow psychiatric hospital. It was written by Donna Franceschild, produced by Chris Parr and directed by David Blair.

The station is developed by alcoholic double glazing salesperson Eddie McKenna (Ken Stott), who is an aspiring DJ. at St. Jude's Hospital. He meets a range of people with various mental illnesses:

The show uses many Beatles songs in both its soundtrack and episode titles. The name of the hospital, for example, initiates the use of "Hey Jude".

The Series BBC DVD was released 2 June 2008.