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Embracing Neverland Mental health...the journey is our own

Pacing the Cage Service users for change in Brighton and Hove

Sussex Recovery Alliance This is a working weblog for service users in Sussex 

Consumer Consultancy Information

Prozac, used by 40m people, does not work say scientists

Analysis of unseen trials and other data concludes it is no better than a placebo. Prozac, the bestselling antidepressant taken by 40 million people worldwide, does not work and nor do similar drugs in the same class, according to a major review released today.The study examined all available data on the drugs, including results from clinical trials that the manufacturers chose not to publish at the time. The trials compared the effect on patients taking the drugs with those given a placebo or sugar pill. When all the data was pulled together, it appeared that patients had improved - but those on placebo improved just as much as those on the drugs. See also: Antidepressant drugs don't work – official study and Prozac is no better than a placebo, shows 'fantastically important ... and Anti-depressants 'of little use' and A bitter pill

Army of therapists to push aside pills for depression

The government yesterday released details of its £170m plan to train 3,600 more psychological therapists in the wake of a study showing that antidepressant drugs such as Prozac are no more effective than a placebo.

About 900,000 more people will be treated for depression and anxiety under the plan, according to the Department of Health, which predicts that 450,000 of them will be completely cured. The department also believes that 25,000 fewer people will claim sick pay and benefits because of mental health problems. See also: If it's all in the mind, fine

Forcing drug companies to publish negative trial results 'is against law'

An election pledge to require drugs companies to publish full details of clinical trials for medicines cannot be fulfilled because it is illegal under EU law, the Government has admitted.

Psychiatrists and health campaigners renewed a call yesterday for all data on the effectiveness of medicines to be published after a review of clinical trials concluded that antidepressant drugs were no more effective than a placebo for patients suffering from depression.

Get treatment or lose benefit, drug users told

Addicts face losing welfare payments if they fail to participate in treatment programmes. The move to use the benefits system to encourage drug users to stay in treatment is likely to prove controversial, with some critics warning that cutting benefits could actually fuel crime as those affected steal more to fund their habit.

At present nearly 50,000 people who claim incapacity benefit, income support or jobseekers' allowance have "drug abuse" as their primary diagnosis as to why they cannot work.

Millions of benefits claimants who get jobs are back on dole in six months

Four out of ten unemployment benefit claimants who get jobs are back on the dole within six months, a scathing report from MPs reveals today. The findings will fuel concern that the Government's flagship back-to-work programmes have become little more than an expensive "revolving door", with hundreds of thousands going straight back on to benefits.

Six more sites in care home probe

Police searching a former Jersey care home where a child's remains were found are to investigate six more sites.

Parents pay tribute to their "talented son"

The parents of a Brighton based web designer who killed himself after becoming mentally ill have told how they felt let down by the treatment their son received.

In the Mind

Despite considerable advances in scientific knowledge of the brain, mental illness and its treatment still suffer from a lack of public understanding and, hence, sympathy.

Our deepest fear: taking mental health seriously?

Dr Paul Keedwell is clearly a remarkable psychiatrist, not least because, like the proverbial turkey voting for Christmas, he is an advocate of less not more medication from psychiatrists of mild to moderate symptoms of depression.

Impact on incidence of suicide and non-fatal self harm in UK of regulatory action to restrict use of SSRIs in under 18s

My years in the dark

Doctors terrified her, strangers robbed her and friends failed her. Penny Anderson has many unpleasant and embarrassing memories of her temporary blindness. But there were some funny moments too ...

The depressing truth about GPs and taking pills

Pro-anorexia site clampdown urged

Campaigners are calling for websites such as Facebook and MySpace to clamp down on pro-anorexia sites.

Mentally ill unfairly portrayed as violent

Held down and degraded at mental health unit

A DORSET trust has been rapped by independent health watchdogs after a man admitted to mental hospital was illegally injected with a "chemical straightjacket" while he was unconscious.

Did Psychiatry Transform Sadness Into A Disorder? By Sally Satel

The Loss of Sadness: How Psychiatry Transformed Normal Sorrow into Depressive Disorder.

PFA boss rejects Collymore claims

Professional Footballers Association boss Gordon Taylor has defended the help offered to current and former players with mental health problems...

Caring and sharing

Many of us may face the prospect of combining a paid job with looking after a relative. Karen Higginbottom on the double life of working carers

Albert Einstein 'found genius through autism'

Beat finds lack of support for families affected by eating disorder

Just 12% of families affected by eating disorders are getting the help they need, a report today by national eating disorders charity Beat finds. The research, based on a survey of over 500 families in the UK, was published to kick start Eating Disorders Awareness Week and a year-long inquiry into eating disorders in the UK by the charity.

GPs DO get more pay for doing less, says independent watchdog See also: GP practices earning 58% more for 5% less work,

auditors find GPs' earnings soar by more than half over last two years, but they are doing 5% less work and

GP contract 'a bad deal for NHS'

The new GP contract has cost £1.76bn more than predicted although productivity has fallen, says a report.

Mad Chix 2008 - Losing it again at Corsica Studios, Sunday 9th March

Losing It Again: Mad Chicks Lurking behind tabloid interest in the mental health crises of artists like Britney Spears, Heath Ledger and Amy Whitehouse is a vast unease around mental ill-health. The everyday stigmatisation of the Mad affects everyone. Mad Chicks fight this stigma by celebrating the creativity and eloquence of Mad women.

Policy Updates

Department of Health Seminar on Mental Health Commissioning 7 May 2008

Workplace Mental Health: Consultation on the evidence

This consultation seeks views on draft guidance for employers on promoting mental wellbeing through productive and healthy working conditions.

The impact of the NHS Research and Development Strategy on Mental Health Services and Research in England: Response document

This document is the Government's response to a review of the impact of Best Research for Best Health on mental health research in England.

Best practice for joint working between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry

Guidance on Nominating a Consultee for Research Involving Adults Who Lack Capacity to Consent

This guidance sets out how to identify an appropriate consultee for the purposes of section 32 of the Mental Capacity Act. The Act requires the researcher to take reasonable steps to identify a person who, as a result of an existing relationship with the person who lacks capacity, can advise the researcher about that person's participation in the project. Where no such person can be identified, the Act requires another person who can provide this advice to be appointed in accordance with guidance.

Government Response to Consultation on the Mental Capacity Act 2005: Guidance on a nominated consultee for research

This report discusses the main points arising from the responses received to a consultation on nominated consultee guidance as required by the Mental Capacity Act.

Computers 'spot Alzheimer's fast'

Computers can diagnose Alzheimer's disease faster and more accurately than experts, research suggests. University College London researchers say their work may help ensure patients are diagnosed earlier, increasing the chances of effective treatment. Their study, published in the journal Brain, found computers can identify brain damage caused by Alzheimer's with an accuracy as high as 96%.

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Implementation Plan: National guidelines for regional delivery

This document provides strategic health authorities, primary care trusts, training providers and service providers with an overview of the Government's plan to improve access to psychological therapies.

Mental health and ill health in doctors

The Power of Social Enterprise: Speech by Hazel Blears

This is a transcript of the speech by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears to Voice08, the UK conference for social enterprise, on 27 February 2008. She talks about how Government can work in partnership with social enterprise businesses to strengthen communities.

Social enterprise: Don't believe the hype

Social entrepreneurs cannot live up to some of the claims made about them, says Rob Greenland

Mental wellbeing of older people: consultation on the draft guidance

Lost and Found: Taking disability equality and human rights into the equalities family

This is a transcript of the speech by EHRC Commissioner Baroness Campbell on 22 February 2008. She talks about EHRC's focus on disability rights.

Shift: What's the Story - Reporting on mental health and suicide

Code of Conduct for Payment by Results

This code of conduct establishes core principles, ground rules for organisational behaviour and expectations for the operation of the payment by results system. It also covers guidelines to minimise and resolve disputes.

NICE: e-Newsletter

Book Reviews

Bipolar Disorder in Childhood and Early Adolescence

by Barbara Geller and Melissa P. DelBello (Editors)

Review by Valérie Aucouturier on Feb 26th 2008

Generation Digital

Politics, Commerce, and Childhood in the Age of the Internet

by Kathryn C. Montgomery

Review by Chris Rawls on Feb 26th 2008

Just a Dog

Understanding Animal Cruelty and Ourselves

by Arnold Arluke

Review by David Jones on Feb 26th 2008

Levelling the Playing Field

The Idea of Equal Opportunity and Its Place in Egalitarian Thought

by Andrew Mason

Review by R. D. Emerick, Ph.D. on Feb 26th 2008

Innovation in Medical Technology

Ethical Issues and Challenges

by Margaret L. Eaton and Donald Kennedy

Review by Margaret Riley, MS, RN on Feb 26th 2008

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

An NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner's Manual

by David Botsford

Review by Rosemary Cook on Feb 26th 2008

The Scar of Visibility

Medical Performances and Contemporary Art

by Petra Kuppers

Review by Sue Bond on Feb 26th 2008

What Are We?

A Study in Personal Ontology

by Eric T. Olson

Review by Tuomas Manninen, Ph.D. on Feb 26th 2008

Yoga Quick Fixes


by Ana Brett & Ravi Singh

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 26th 2008


Tales of Music and the Brain

by Oliver Sacks

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 26th 2008

The View from Saturday

by E.L. Konigsburg

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 26th 2008


by Robert Crumb and David Mairowitz

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 26th 2008


A Cultural History

by Angus McLaren

Review by Tony O'Brien, RN, MPhil on Feb 19th 2008


A Mid-Century Madhouse and Its Lessons about Our Mentally Ill Today

by Enoch Callaway

Review by Sue Bond on Feb 19th 2008


A Father's Search Through America's Mental Health Madness

by Pete Earley

Review by Maria Christoforatos on Feb 19th 2008

Ingmar Bergman, Cinematic Philosopher

Reflections on His Creativity

by Irving Singer

Review by Mark Welch, Ph.D. on Feb 19th 2008

From Knowledge to Wisdom: A Revolution for Science and the Humanities

Second Edition

by Nicholas Maxwell

Review by Jeff Huggins, B.S., MBA on Feb 19th 2008

The Big Girls

A Novel

by Susanna Moore

Review by Robert P. McParland, Ph.D. on Feb 19th 2008

Today and Tomorrow


by Alejandro Chomski

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 19th 2008


A Novel

by Joanna Kavenna

Review by Eccy de Jonge on Feb 19th 2008


The Nazis Facing Their Crimes

by Christian Delage (Director)

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 19th 2008

Your Body is Changing

Short Stories

by Jack Pendarvis

Review by Tony O'Brien on Feb 19th 2008


The Untouched History

by Hanne Blank

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 19th 2008

Coercion as Cure

A Critical History of Psychiatry

by Thomas Szasz

Review by Alice Gee, M.Sc. on Feb 12th 2008

Bernard Williams

by Alan Thomas (Editor)

Review by Lisa Hague on Feb 12th 2008

Making Sense of Evolution

The Conceptual Foundations of Evolutionary Biology

by Massimo Pigliucci and Jonathan Kaplan

Review by Sven Walter, Ph.D. on Feb 12th 2008

Biology of Freedom

Neural Plasticity, Experience, and the Unconscious

by François Ansermet and Pierre Magistretti

Review by Mark Dietrich Tschaepe on Feb 12th 2008

The Concepts of Consciousness

Integrating an Emerging Science

by J Scott Jordan and Dawn M McBride (Editors)

Review by Maura Pilotti, Ph.D. on Feb 12th 2008

Mom's OK, She Just Forgets

The Alzheimer's Journey from Denial to Acceptance

by Evelyn D. Mclay and Ellen P. Young

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 12th 2008

Living the Truth

Transform Your Life Through the Power of Insight and Honesty

by Keith Ablow

Review by Leo Uzych, J.D., M.P.H. on Feb 12th 2008

The Bioethics Reader

Editors' Choice

by Ruth Chadwick, Helga Kuhse, Willem A. Landman, Udo Schuklenk, and Peter Singer (Editors)

Review by J. Jeremy Wisnewski, Ph.D. on Feb 12th 2008

Cyber-Safe Kids, Cyber-Savvy Teens

Helping Young People Learn To Use the Internet Safely and Responsibly

by Nancy E. Willard

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 12th 2008


Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths

by Janet P. Penley

Review by Anthony R Dickinson, Ph.D., and Julia Hui on Feb 12th 2008



by Liz Garbus (Director)

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 12th 2008

Vietnam At Peace

by Philip Jones Griffiths

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 12th 2008

Oath Betrayed

Torture, Medical Complicity, and the War on Terror

by Steven Miles

Review by J. Jeremy Wisnewski, Ph.D. on Feb 5th 2008

The Worldwide Practice of Torture

A Preliminary Report

by Robert B. Edgerton

Review by Mark Welch, Ph.D. on Feb 5th 2008

The Female Thing

Dirt, Envy, Sex, Vulnerability

by Laura Kipnis

Review by George Williamson, Ph.D. on Feb 5th 2008

Psychology's Interpretive Turn

The Search for Truth and Agency in Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology

by Barbara S. Held

Review by Isabel Gois, Ph.D. on Feb 5th 2008

The Ethics Toolkit

A Compendium of Ethical Concepts and Methods

by Julian Baggini and Peter S. Fosl

Review by Ruben Berrios, Ph.D. on Feb 5th 2008

The Last Self-Help Book You'll Ever Need

Repress Your Anger, Think Negatively, Be a Good Blamer, And Throttle Your Inner Child

by Paul Pearsall

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 5th 2008

A History of Psychology in Autobiography

Volume 9

by Gardner Lindzey & William M. Runyan (Editors)

Review by Benjamin J. Lovett, Ph.D. on Feb 5th 2008

Signed, Mata Hari

A Novel

by Yannick Murphy

Review by Tony O'Brien on Feb 5th 2008

A Brief History of Modern Psychology

by Ludy T. Benjamin

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 5th 2008

Cognition of Value in Aristotle's Ethics

Promise of Enrichment, Threat of Destruction

by Deborah Achtenberg

Review by J. F. Humphrey, Ph. D. on Feb 5th 2008

The History of Psychology

Fundamental Questions

by Margaret P. Munger (Editor)

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 5th 2008

Yoga in Bed


by Edward Vilga (Director)

Review by Christian Perring on Feb 5th 2008

Making Dying Illegal

Architecture Against Death : Original to the 21st Century

by Madeline Ginsm and Arakawa Gins

Review by Aakash Singh, Ph.D. on Feb 5th 2008

The Really Hard Problem

Meaning in a Material World

by Owen J. Flanagan

Review by Neil Levy, Ph.D. on Jan 29th 2008

The Faces of Terrorism

Social and Psychological Dimensions

by Neil J. Smelser

Review by Waldemar Hanasz on Jan 29th 2008

Personal Autonomy in Society

by Marina Oshana

Review by Robert L. Muhlnickel, MSW on Jan 29th 2008

Morality in a Natural World

Selected Essays in Metaethics

by David Copp

Review by Tatiana Patrone, Ph.D. on Jan 29th 2008

The Mirror Crack'd

When Good Enough Therapy Goes Wrong and Other Cautionary Tales for Humanistic Practitioners

by Anne Kearns (Editor)

Review by Anca Gheaus, Ph.D. on Jan 29th 2008

The Philosophy of Religion

An Historical Introduction

by Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski

Review by Brad Frazier, Ph.D. on Jan 29th 2008

In Defense of Food

An Eater's Manifesto

by Michael Pollan

Review by Christian Perring on Jan 29th 2008

Couple Skills

Making Your Relationship Work

by Matthew McKay, Patrick Fanning, and Kim Paleg

Review by Beth T. Cholette, Ph.D. on Jan 29th 2008


Classic and Contemporary Readings in Philosophy

by Steven M. Cahn and Christine Vitrano (Editors)

Review by Christian Perring on Jan 29th 2008

Best New American Voices


by Richard Bausch (Editor)

Review by Tony O'Brien on Jan 29th 2008

Split Screen

Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies / Bride of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies

by Brent Hartinger

Review by Amy Ridley on Jan 29th 2008

Yoga By Teens DVD

Yoga For Teens, Taught By Teens

by Sue Anne & Jim Parsons (Directors)

Review by Christian Perring on Jan 29th 2008


by Joe Matt

Review by Christian Perring on Jan 29th 2008