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VIP 'stalker' squad set up by government

Times Online - UK

It is being hailed as the first joint mental health-police unit in the UK and a "prototype for future joint services" in other areas. The Mental Health Act ...

Doctors and mental healthcare professionals at greater risk of ...

A review of the research on stalking has found that all clinical staff are at risk. For example, 5% of counselling staff have been stalked by clients, ...

Stalkers found to suffer from psychotic or personality disorders

There is little research available in Europe, however, and a great international need for systematic monitoring of stalking cases, based on an agreed ...


Epidemics in Psychiatry

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His research interests include the relationship between mental disorder. and criminal behaviour, stalking, the long term impact of childhood sexual ...

Stalking - a major social problem on the increase

New research has shown that harassing behaviours fall into two main groups - brief episodes of stalking usually lasting a few days, and more extended ...

New study confirms 'substantial' levels of stalking in the community.

Furthermore, the significant long-term impact of stalking on the victims' ... harassment deserves more attention in future community mental health research. ...



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stalking has been partially a result of stalking of. celebrities. The research into marital violence and recent. development of behavioural concepts have ...