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Groundbreaking Travel Training project in Bolton

An innovative Travel Training Project for people with mental health issues has been set up by Bolton Association and Network of Drop-ins (BAND). BAND has been awarded £40,000 grant by GMPTE (Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive) to employ two part time Travel Training Project Co-ordinators to set up a project exclusively geared towards enabling people enduring mental health problems to use public transport in Bolton.

In spring, 2004 Labor Force found that people with mental health problems have the lowest rate of employment in all people with disabilities. The lack of transport is a major factor in contributing to the exclusion of service users from employment, education, leisure and social services which adds to the problem of isolation and increases the social stigma of mental illness. The Travel Training Project aims to support the trainees to be more independent and to improving their confidence and self-esteem whilst using public transport.

The Travel Training Project is to not only benefit people with severe and long-term mental health problems but it also aims to benefit other relevant agencies i.e. Health Authorities, Primary Care Trust, employers, training agencies, Local Authority Education, Colleges and Schools and Social Services Departments. By enabling service users to gain the confidence to access their provisions the Travel Training Project will enable trainees to build on old skills or to help each trainee to improve the confidence that they may have lost. The ultimate aim is that they may attempt solo travel unaccompanied. All trainees who participate will be awarded certificates at a presentation day in October.


Travel Training Project Co-ordinators:

Phone numbers:-

Janet Taylor 07792-075235

Caroline Pollard 07792-076395

Email [email protected]

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