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Copy and send this letter to Andrew Voneschenbach of the FDA

[email protected] and a bcc copy to [email protected]

"just one drop"

we can make a change by making these people responsible for the havoc they wreck on our lives

Mr Voneschenback,

We request that the FDA fulfill your obligation to the publics safety and interests and attach the "black box" warning on all ADHD drugs immediately.

Recently, the FDA held hearings on "ADHD" drugs due to numerous reports of hallucinations and psychosis attributed to them. And while the FDA panel did recommend new warning language for these drugs, the panel refused to issue " " warnings – the agency's most severe warning label.

There has been a lot of public outcry about millions of children being prescribed ADHD drugs with increasing reports of the drugs causing suicide, psychosis and hallucinations. A few months ago, a leading cardiologist recommended the FDA issue black box warnings due to reports of heart attack, stroke and sudden death from ADHD drugs. So this latest FDA panel --which included psychiatrists with ties to the pharmaceutical industry – had to take some action – so issued increased warning language about the drugs. But why not the black box? Because the FDA appears to be more interested in protecting psychiatric/pharmaceutical interests, than in the public's safety.

When black box warnings are issued, drug manufacturers have to disclose the risks in all advertising.

This is why many of the experts and medical doctors attending the FDA hearing on ADHD drugs called it a sham and said that the FDA yielded to the profit-driven psychiatric/pharmaceutical industry.

The Deputy Director of the Office of Drug Safety himself has stated, "…. products that carry box warnings also have to carry that in their advertising and quite frequently that makes it quite difficult to explicitly advertise that product in direct-to-consumer advertising."

The FDA's own mission statement says it is responsible for "protecting the public health and ensuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs ." So again we ask you to display black box warnings on these drugs – and remind you that you are here to protect the public's safety and interests–- not psychiatric pharmaceutical interests.