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1 comment to Harriet Harman: I strongly agree with my hon. Friend's comments about Croydon...

(posted on 19 Oct 2007)


For you attention below are the statistics from Women's Aid for how many Women are murdered by there partner's and it is 2 per week not 2 per year

Key statistics: Did you know that domestic violence kills over two women per week?

What is domestic violence?

In Women's Aid's view domestic violence is physical, sexual, psychological or financial violence that takes place within an intimate or family-type relationship and that forms a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour.

How common is domestic violence?

1 in 4 women experience domestic vioelnce in their lifetime and between 1 in 8 to 1 in 10 women experience it annually. Less than half of all incidents are reported to the Police, but they still receive one domestic violence call every minute in the UK.

Taken from the Womens Aid Website

1 comment to Mentally Ill

(posted on 19 Oct 2007)

18 million is a lot of money, I would very much like to see the business plan on how they intend on spending this money.

When soaps like Eastenders are still producing storylines like the recent one about Steven Wicks is it any wonder that the general public still fear those with mental illness as being bad and dangerous, not very encouraging.

Or there portrayal of Stacey Slater's mum, where all Stacey can say to her is "keep taking the tablets mum" The two actors involved in this storyline won an award from mental health media, whatever next?

Is there any hope for any of us if the public are persuaded that medication is the answer to all our woes

Medication is not always the solution and the consequences of the side effects are having a huge detrimental impact on many who are subjected to taking them, causing liver damage, and other serious long term medical conditions.

I do hope that SHIFT get a shift on and hold the scriptwriters and editors etc to task over such an important issue. When they have such an outreaching influence on those who watch and read this damaging material

1 comment to Margaret : My Lords, is it not the case that science is not a fixed...

(posted on 11 May 2007)

I have been going to a homeopath for over 20 years, I was diagnosed with pre-cervical cancer at 17 as I knew of several women who had used the NHS's treatment methods and had ended up not only without wombs but also dead I decided to seek an alternative, which has been successful I no longer have any sign of cancer and at my last smear was told I had an incredibly healthy cervix for a woman of my age now 44...Yet I was constantly told by my GP at that time he would not be held responsible if I died and that if I had children they would be born blind....With the NHS's new "Book and Choose" why am I and others with mental health issues excluded from this system...Why because you would have a case of the rats leaving a sinking ship and it would show up those who are less than caring or helpful within Mental Health Services...and that we do not all wish to pollute are bodies with toxic medication that causes worse side effects and conditions than the dis-ease itself. Many would seek alternatives which are not owned by the pharmaceutical companies.Stop this ridiculous talk about social inclusion when it is such a farce. If I am to be socially included I want CHOICE

They the NHS also declare that they do not know how or why electric shock treatment works, but still use this barbaric treatment and no one is had up for torture or sadistic behaviour it should be abolished immediately what are you thinking!!! If I went home and put an electric current through my cat's scull I'd be imprisoned and rightly so. So why is it OK to inflict this horrendous TREATMENT on a fellow human being just because you wear a white coat.

Extract from LINDA GOODMANS STAR SIGNS chapter an apple a day

Chinese medicine

There were three types of doctors in ancient China. The first kind merely cured your disease, and was the least of the three. The second was an expert in diagnosing an illness, not only after it appeared, but earlier, shortly before it appeared. He was higher on the medical ladder. The most skilled, most venerable, and most respected physical was the one who kept his patients so healthy that they never manifested any form of sickness in the first place, a Taoist ideal. The medical caste system was nothing if logical.

And it went further. A doctor in ancient China was paid only when his patients got well, when he had healed them and in some districts the doctor was under strict obligation to make economic amends or restitution should a patient become worse or continue to be ill under his care, because it was considered that, if he had not kept his patients healthy, then their diseases were fully his responsibility.

Every time a patient died, a lantern of a certain shape was hung outside the attending doctors office, and a doctor with too many of these lanterns swinging at the front door could be assured of a slow business. Physicians who complain today about high insurance caused by malpractice suits should be glad they werent practising in ancient China.

Linda Goodman

1 comment to Tony Blair: According to the information I have here, in Northamptonshire...

(posted on 11 May 2007)

A huge amount of inmates are actually those that the government released into society under the banner of so-called care in the community, which did not support those it proclaimed to help so they have ended up in a far worse sort of institution that provides no care for those who have experienced mental health problems.

Just as the Conservatives got the unemployment figures down when in power by putting those with long-term medical problems on incapacity benefit masquerading that unemployment had gone down. Now Labour are trying to reduce the numbers of those on incapacity benefit by withdrawing day services up and down the country and pushing many back into work, and onto job programmes. With no consideration of the consequences. When so many have been told for years by their doctors/psychiatrists that they will never work again, and in the process terrifying many into God knows what!!!...

Where is the love and care for our fellow human beings

communitycare 5 Oct 2005

Decline in psychiatric beds leaves mentally ill in prison

Prisons have become asylums for mentally ill offenders because of a decline in the number of NHS psychiatric beds, the Zahid Mubarek inquiry has heard.

In a written submission to the inquiry which is in its final stage today, Michael Howlett, director of charity the Zito Trust said: We have allowed a situation to develop over the years in which prisons have become psychiatric asylums by default.

There were around 154, 000 NHS psychiatric beds in England and Wales in 1954, but this was reduced to about 30,000 by 2002, according to figures quoted by Howlett.

He told the inquiry: We are now trying to rectify this by implementing NHS-style strategies in institutions which are not only over-crowded, but also culturally not necessarily sympathetic or receptive.

According to the prison and probation service submission to the inquiry, an estimated 9 out of 10 prisoners suffer from at least one mental disorder.

The inquirys final report is expected in February.

1 comment to Charles Walker: I have paid fulsome tribute to the speeches of Members this...

(posted on 4 May 2007)

I couldn't agree more, it is scandalous how the papers are getting aware with the scare mongering of late if I didn't know any better I would assume they are in cahoots with the timing of this bill to terrorise the general public into supporting a thing they know very little about. You are preaching to the converted it is the general public that need to be aware of the draconian measures that the government sorts to inflict on the few. We should be promoting the wealth and creativity of the many who function well in spite of having a mental health diagnosis, and some of which believe it is because they do.

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: I thank the hon. Gentleman for giving way as there is a point...

(posted on 4 May 2007)

Drugging people for their so called own good is not treatment. The word treatment as you define it seems to only apply to medication. There are many other alternatives to medication but the NHS spends so much on prescription drugs and too many mangagers that these alternatives never get a look in. When did you decide to take away a person's right to commit suicide.

As sad as it is, it is an individuals decision and not the governments!

1 comment to Patricia Hewitt: Is the hon. Gentleman aware that the same "Avoidable Deaths"...

(posted on 4 May 2007)

Not if they kill themselves on leaving hospital before they have contact with any professionals which seems to be so often the case

1 comment to Sarah McCarthy-Fry: I beg to move, That the Bill be now read a Second time. I am...

(posted on 4 May 2007)

I am so glad that you all seem to be shocked by these cruel devices. What about the electric shock devices so cruelly used on defenceless patients in psychiatric wards up and down the country daily. Where is the outcry for them!

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: It is absolutely tragic to hear about such cases. The hon....

(posted on 26 Apr 2007)

Do you think for one moment that a CTO would have saved poor Fiona, she was totally ignored when she knew exactly what she needed, more time on the ward, yet she was ignored and died before she was even able to meet with so-called health care professionals.

When are you going to realise that patients know what they need and when they need it, but if it does not fall in with the NHS system's decisions this is the sort of thing that happens

How many suicides have occured before the patient was able to get community treatment on leaving hospital?

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: My hon. Friend is right to say that this is an extremely...

(posted on 26 Apr 2007)

Rather a clinical or legal straitjacket than a real one, think yourself lucky that you may never know what a real one feels like

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: No, I will not. One of the problems with the House of Lords...

(posted on 26 Apr 2007)

It would seem that the minister is only concerned with the so called problems the Lords ammendments will have on her, the child is the important one and no 16 or 17-year old will ever be better placed on an adult ward, no matter how convenient it is for you or the clinician

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: We have made a commitment to eliminate within two years the...

(posted on 26 Apr 2007)

How many other youngsters will be subjected to the things Lois and Antonia went through within this 2 year period? Any is too many.

A 16 year old is still far to young to be put on an adult ward in the first place

How soon can the Department react to the report of a youngster being placed on an adult ward and what is the appropriate action that they will take?

1 comment to Tim Loughton: Yesterday in Committee Room 16, in front of MPs and Members...

(posted on 26 Apr 2007)

I was present at this committee meeting and heard these 2 harrowing accounts from Lois and Antonia these 2 girls should be applauded for being brave enough to speak up at such a meeting. If only we could have heard from the many other youngsters across the country who have undergone a similar experience.

The need for adequate facilities and qualified staff for the young is crucial, and as the figures for the young in this system is going up they should be readily available, and local, these young are the future

I would have liked to have raised the point, that most of these wards are not suitable or appropriate for adults, as anyone who is a patient is extremely vulnerable and the utmost care and attention needs to be given, not the case with under staffing and far too many agency staff who have not established any sort of relationship with those they are there to care for.

I still say that in this day and age we should be providing single sex accommodation across the board and that women's wards should only have female staff and the same for men, men looking after men, which would at least alleviate some of the abuse that is committed.

Whether the incident is committed by a fellow patient and or a member of staff, there should be emergency rape kits and evidence kits on the wards so when an assault has been committed protocol is set into motion allowing evidence to be taken, photographs of bruising, blood, semen and the state of the room as an absolute minimum.

The following 19 rape allegations are just the tip of the iceberg, as how many incidents went unreported during 2003 to 2005 (Read Minds Ward Watch)

As we know from community care magazine and Louis Appleby

Most of the 19 rape allegations made in psychiatric wards from 2003 to 2005 are subject to "significant doubt", the government has claimed.

Mental health "tsar" Louis Appleby said "after collecting information from local trusts he doubted whether 13 of the incidents actually happened as several allegations were made "when the patients' mental state was severely disturbed"

Being mad should not automatically make you a liar or because you are "severely disturbed" you do not know fact from fiction there is no medical proof of this is there?

You maybe severely disturbed because you have been sexually abused and no one is listening to you, these patients are being subjected to discrimination and exclusion, we do not accept having less rights because of our diagnosis, many patients who have been raped on wards believe the use of hallucinatory drugs is a deliberate procedure to make allegations they make doubted and difficult to prove or follow up.

We are human beings who need to be heard and respected, no matter our diagnosis, ethnicity, creed, religion or age!!

How many people have been prosecuted for abusing a patient on a psychiatric ward from 2003 to 2005 or for that matter the last decade in comparison to all the allegations for that period?

1 comment to Vincent Cable: As it happens, the case to which I referred was more acute...

(posted on 18 Apr 2007)

It is so sad that the NHS is blinded to the fact that many people self medicate with alcohol and or drugs.

They are then penalised by the very system that should be helping them.

Surely there needs to be greater understanding that those who have been bruised by life use whatever means necessary to numb their sadness & distress.

Especially when the services they need do not exist in the first place!

Worse still is the easy access to allsorts of pharmaceutical drugs

readily available on the internet.

I am inundated with drug offers every time I open my email.

Am I being targeted because I am known to have used Mental Health services and they have access to that information somehow or are they aimed at everyone and Im just being more paranoid than usual!

Why arent the Government doing something about this disgraceful advertising projected at those who are already in a vulnerable state.

1 comment to Tim Loughton: We have had a very interesting debate. I add my...

(posted on 18 Apr 2007)

With regards to the Draft Mental Health Bill, I see the Police Federation, did not give oral evidence to the Scrutiny Committee.

Surely it is vital that we hear from the Police, this Bill will have huge repercussions on them, and the Public.

An increase in the use of 136 sections will be inevitable. (This is of great concern to me having been 136 sectioned. My first and thankfully only encounter to an incredibly frightening system.)

Should this Bill go through far more resources are required. For instance I am aware that cadets In West Kent are only given an hour and a half of diversity training. This is nowhere nearly sufficient, if this Bill goes through we must have an intensive training for not only cadets but for all our bobby's on the beat.

Are the Police preparing for the rise in 136 sectioning, and is it possible to track down the figures for these sort of detentions. I believe that they are held by the Home Office. This must have been researched, so could we get the prediction figures for the next few years? As we should be prepared for the true impact of this Bill.

What is the opinion of the Police?

Are they getting adequate Mental Health training across the country?

A place of safety is not a Police cell....

1 comment to Philip Hunt: My Lords, my right honourable friend the Secretary of State...

(posted on 20 Mar 2007)

if you stop sending them to war you will save billions and not cause mental distress in the process

1 comment to Margaret : My Lords, what observations does the Minister have on reports...

(posted on 20 Mar 2007)

you are treating the men & women of this country as cannon fodder

and then leaving them to rot when they return so many suffering from post traumatic distress yet they are put on waiting lists

what ever happened to taking care of your own

what do you expect when people go to war it causes untold damage to them and their families for many years

is it really worth it destroying all these lives over greed for oil which at the rate we are going will run out sooner than we think

1 comment to Philip Hunt: My Lords, the health service clearly has to take tough...

(posted on 20 Mar 2007)

when trusts open up crisis home treatment centres then end up using them to house their mental health teams and use the rooms to see patients on the paper-work it still says that they have an open cht centre this is a totally false picture but keeps their green traffic lights looking good

maybe you could find out how many people have actually used the "beds" at the springs cht centre in tunbridge wells since its opening in october 2003

1 comment to Elaine Murphy: My Lords, I thank the Minister for that reply, but it is not...

(posted on 20 Mar 2007)

many services have been cut in kent due to money being dragged back from mental health

mental health money should be ring fenced with a hands of policy

mental health affects everyone to some degree or another we need more funding not less

2 comments to Corston's Review

(posted on 20 Mar 2007)

when will you answer pauline campbell's questions i would very much like to see your answers too

1 comment to Pregnant Women: Lancashire

(posted on 20 Mar 2007)

this is a a very crucial time for a woman you really need to be researching pregnant womens needs

it is well known that domestic violence often happens at the point in a woman's life and not nearly enough help has been forthcoming

what with the state of the world at the moment it's enough to drive anyone round the twist what a heavy burden to bring an innocent soul into such a crappy world

1 comment to Mental Health Services

(posted on 20 Mar 2007)

spin spin spin you should start collected this sort of information in an open and transparent way no wonder you can always get the figures to look how you want

make a change collect the information because you care and want to know how bad a service you provide is so you can change the way it works


1 comment to Demobilised Reservists (Mental Health Services)

(posted on 6 Oct 2006)

Why don't you paste and copy the answer here instead of making me find it Derek

1 comment to Housing

(posted on 6 Oct 2006)

How many of us have lost our homes because of having mental health conditions?

1 comment to Police Community Support Officers

(posted on 6 Oct 2006)

Where are the figures kept for assaults on members of the public by the police?

2 comments to Glenys Thornton: I speak to AmendmentsNos. 206 and 207 which stand in my name...

(posted on 21 Jul 2006)

if children were assisted in finding their true talents...the world would be a better place...children love what interests them and inspires them if we can help them find their niche in life they will grow into well adjusted happy individuals...just as it should be

1 comment to Pathways to Work

(posted on 21 Jul 2006)

there needs to be a solid bridge allowing the pathway back to work to be a beneficial and helpful one....firstly there needs to be help in building self confidence and self esteem so that we feel able to return to work....many people suffering problems have found themselves in this position due to bullying, abuse and stress etc from the very jobs they were we may need help in retraining in new fields so this situation does not arise again....

2 comments to Julie Morgan: I welcome my right hon. Friend's proposals to change the...

(posted on 21 Jul 2006)

in my stupididty i would have thought that someone who pleads guilty should get the full sentence not leaniency for being and honest criminal

1 comment to John Reid: We want to act in a humane way. The Government have done more...

(posted on 21 Jul 2006)

these poor women are the public when are you going to wake up and realise that.....they need protection from the men who are abusing them who are also the public....we are the public!!!!

1 comment to Prisons

(posted on 20 Jul 2006)

this is a very interesting question.....maybe we should look at the mindset and ethos of certain establishments and whether workers are able to manouver between such different areas...this could be detrimental for the client, patient, inmate??

1 comment to Domestic Violence

(posted on 20 Jul 2006)

i would very much like to see the figures for the whole country for homicides identified as domestic violence....any is too many!!

1 comment to Ian Gibson: Will my hon. Friend confirm the percentage of female patients...

(posted on 19 Jul 2006)

our safety should be of the utmost importance as we do not have an independent reporting system that protects us from those who make us most fearful....from MIND Ward Watch "Just 37% of respondents who had been threatened, or who had been the victim of verbal abuse, violence, racisim or sexual harrassment while in hospital, reported this incident to a staff member."

That could mean up to 64% of incidents go unreported...there are too many vulnerable people suffering in silence....

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: Let us be clear: 99 per cent. of mental in-patient wards meet...

(posted on 19 Jul 2006)

Maybe the definition of single sexed wards needs to be looked a curtain does not count as single sleeping accommodation in my book...or an unmanned excuse the pun....corridor

If Service Users were to check all the wards other than the 1% who are not complying you honestly believe we would be satisfied that the provision of single sexed sleeping accommodation was acceptable?

Maybe we should ask the Mental Health PPI Forums to take this up as part of there workplan!!!!

1 comment to Adam Afriyie: My concern is for those who are facing mental health...

(posted on 19 Jul 2006)

Not only should we have single sexed wards in some wards if not all there should be no male nurses, cleaners etc as some vulnerable women may be constantly re traumatised by having to be in such close proximity to men who are strangers to them.....

1 comment to James Brokenshire: I thank the Minister for her response and for providing me...

(posted on 19 Jul 2006)

Third Parties? Who is meant by this? I am unsure of who this refers to...

2 comments to Rosie Winterton: Can I be—[Hon. Members: "Absolutely clear?"] Yes, I...

(posted on 19 Jul 2006)

We need a conference for those service users who have been abused by be able to come forward and share their experiences in a safe environment with professional counselling and support available....We need the support of Lawyers who can help us to determine whether there is enough evidence etc to take action and then be assisted in bringing these professionals to task...and paying for the crimes they have committed against vulnerable people in their CARE!!!

Bring back the Hippocaratic Oath forthwith "Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice, of all mischief and in particular of sexual relations with both female and male persons, be they free or slaves." I gather this also includes private surgeries, clinics, hospital wards and anywhere else that a doctor may see a patient...Of course doctors are not the only ones who abuse their patients...all those who work in the field of the vulnerable whether in mental health, learning disabilities, child protection, this list goes on have a responsibility of CARE and must never abuse it!!!!!

1 comment to Tim Loughton: No one who has visited a mental health hospital remotely...

(posted on 19 Jul 2006)

Bravo, we need to have answers i am sick and tired of being told we get a decent service from the nhs....codswallop....we are having to put up with terrible conditions in comparison to other areas in the nhs...why because we are the most vulnerable and easily taken advantage of...and worse than that the mind set is that what we say is delusional and mad and obviously cannot be believed due to too much drugging...what a perfect senario for those bullies who love to use and abuse those they are supposed to care for...

1 comment to Mental Health Services

(posted on 25 Jun 2006)

Well it's still not happening at ground level!

1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 25 Jun 2006)

In regard to Iris Robinsons question I would like to know how many patients have been attacked or sexualy abused by staff!

1 comment to Jack Straw: I do, where appropriate, try to deal with non-partisan...

(posted on 9 Jun 2006)

waffle waffle

1 comment to Sylvia Heal: Order. I understand that the hon. Gentleman has raised this...

(posted on 8 Jun 2006)

not an adequate answer

1 comment to Sylvia Heal: That is not a point of order for the Chair, but the hon....

(posted on 8 Jun 2006)

still not an adequate answer what are the further steps to be taken so he can have a formal response

1 comment to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

(posted on 2 Jun 2006)

These waiting lists are still far to long...we are talking about childrens lives here the future of this once great nation....I am amazed how convienient it is to not hold figures centrally as this makes it implssible to ever give a true figure as they are probably too condeming of a system that is failing every man woman and child in this country.....

1 comment to Elderly Mental Infirm Patients

(posted on 2 Jun 2006)

This still gives us no idea how many poor old souls are being cared for by their relatives up and down the country

1 comment to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

(posted on 2 Jun 2006)

Well maybe it is about time you did keep this information centrally

How can we judge that cbt is working if we don't know how many people have access...Oh I forgot that's the point no-one is getting it...they are all just sitting on waiting lists

1 comment to John Hutton: Yes.

(posted on 14 Mar 2006)

Yes...I am sorry if that is an answer I would like you to explain exactly how you intend on doing this...where is the confidence building and training so greatly needed to allow us to feel enabled and capable...You are asking a lot...many people I come into contact with would never consider doing the jobs they had many feel that the job was part of the problem of them becoming need to look at those with a sensitive nature needing to do work that satisfies them and is of help to the community or humanity in some way...when you have walked on both sides of the road it is hard to return to a dog eat dog mentality....that caused most of our problems in the first place....

1 comment to Patrick Cormack: Does the Under-Secretary agree that those with mental health...

(posted on 14 Mar 2006)

Although I agree that it was extremely distasteful to go aginst Sir Winston's family's wishes by erecting this statue....I am however offended by your remark that depression is not seen as a genuine mental health problem....No wonder our society is so unsympathetic....Patrick I can assure you that depression is a very real mental health problem....Sir Winston refered to his dark depressions as the Black Dog....Sadly their are many in this country who suffer in silence with no real help....many people have been violently incarsarated and medicated against their wills....due to several over zealous work forces which still believe the media hype that bad is dangerous which is a sad sad travesty....the sooner we understand and accept that those who are vulnerable are human beings entitled to respect and dignity...and above all else some LOVE and KINDNESS we would be moving in the right direction...we were all born innocent

1 comment to Suicide Prevention Strategy Advisory Group

(posted on 10 Mar 2006)

I would like to see some suicide survivors represented on this advisory group as they are surely the only experts in this field...yet again not a level playing field

2 comments to Tony Blair: I cannot comment on the funding of the particular service in...

(posted on 10 Mar 2006)

but what do we get in the end a piece of paper that say's he must not come near us...yet he breaks those's too exhausting to keep phoning the police telling them he's driven past your home everytime...unless he is caught breaking the law by the law nothing will's still intimidation and terrifying that he is still controlling you in your own home....the trauma of going to court is dreadful....he is on one side with all his friends and family making you feel guilty for being in court in the first place...why should we be put through more fear and intimidation....I went to court and apart from the fact it was the first time I truly stood up for myself....I got nothing from it everyone believed me but nothing happened to this man who had driven me to madness and a psychiatric ward due to being drugged and bullied he was just told to keep away from stupid is that..the men that do this a laughing last that they are almost getting away with murder...oh that's right some of them do they have the cheek to plead insanity and get off lightly...we can't even admit we can't cope as we will have our children removed and carry a lable of nutter for the rest of our lives....somehow this does not seem fair...and we think women are accepted as equal nothing could be further from the the past few decades it has only become ilegal for a husband to rape his wife...what is wrong with our society that no one wants to get involved...we should all be treated with respect and dignty no matter our our ethnicity, sex, age, or beliefs....we are all human just because some behave as animals we should not follow suit.....

1 comment to Tony Blair: Nigel Crisp gave his reasons for standing down in his...

(posted on 10 Mar 2006)

who is going to suffer the most yet who have no voice...we are fed up of being on waiting lists...we are fed up of being put on more and more wonder there is no money in the kitty it would seem most of it's wasted on too many managers and the rest goes straight in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies no wonder there is such a huge deferciet....all we hear from our trusts is there is not enough money...I thought the NHS was supposed to provide a service...unless some more money is put where it is really needed it won't be long before there is no NHS or is that the point?

1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 3 Mar 2006)

Pete Doherty


Shift you really need to make a public statement about this disgrace and ask the Sun for a public apology...this should be nipped in the bud immediately

I have also sent the following to the PM

I have just sent the following email to the Sun Newspaper as they are disgraceful the way they are treating People with emotional health issues...they got it wrong with Frank and they are getting it wrong again...this sort of stigma and discrimination must is the email I have sent them...

How dare you treat Pete like a piece of rubbish...He is a Human Being in need of help...Your attitude is the sort that influences this country to treat those with Mental Health Issues as lepers within our society..."Where is the Love?"...If anyone should be called scum it is the disgusting Rag that you write for....Just because Pete is famous and has money does that make him less entitled to help.....he has obviously been in need for sometime.....Just because he seems to have it all does not mean that his internal pain has no right to be there....who are you to judge whether his grief is sadder or his pain is greater than anyone else's....taking lot's of drugs and drinking is called self-medication it stops the pain.....the staff of the SUN obviously need some training in this area so you start to get it right for once....


which means to "express sadness and regret"

1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 24 Feb 2006)

amazing usually the authorities can't wait to plug us full of drugs!!

1 comment to High Security Mental Hospitals

(posted on 24 Feb 2006)

how many have died whilst in a high security setting?

1 comment to Health White Paper

(posted on 24 Feb 2006)

would very much like to see the list of people on the advisory team....rosie i note that you have not mentioned any of them being service users or carers....if this is the case surely that is discrimination....we keep being told that we are the experts yet no-one ever seems to want to use our wisdom....

1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 18 Feb 2006)

at the end of the day there must be some sort of breakdown as to who got what in each trust...where are these figures?...

1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 18 Feb 2006)

how many mental health establishments that were invited actually participated in this consultation/information many service users and carers were invited to participate?

1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 18 Feb 2006)

are they given proper training in assessing mental health these are very different from general needs of much training do they get? you can't find what your looking for if you don't know what it is in the first place....

1 comment to Caroline Flint: This has been an interesting and thoughtful debate. It shows...

(posted on 12 Feb 2006)

yet again you have missed the most important people off the list those of us who have used the services we who have first hand experience of what works and what does not and most importantly we can go a long way to helping create the services we want and know are beneficial to us....ask 50 service users what they would do if you gave them a £250 each what they would spend it on.....their emotional well being...a massage a swim a weekend break alternative therapies etc etc because as individuals we all know what works for us and keeps us well so shouldn't you start asking us what we do want...just as we know what doesn't work and often causes us far more distress than we had to begin with.....

1 comment to Steve Webb: No, I shall not. [Hon Members: "Go on."] No, not even briefly...

(posted on 12 Feb 2006)

If this bill is allowed to go through many more vulnerable people will be detained against their will...this violates our human rights...this bill is about power and control ...not about therapeutic care... it is barbaric and must be stopped...the government and media are causing stigma and discrimination...they incite the public into believing that those who have been bruised by life are dangerous ...this bill is about the protection of the public and not about the care of the short this is a bill out of the home office rather than the health department...the new act needs to be written by us for us...those who have used services and their carers have first hand experience of what is necessary...this new act should be about respect and dignity...and receiving the services we deserve, desire and choose...there are only 30,000 psychiatric beds left in this countrywe are entitled to a safe place where these services can be delivered...and not a police cell which is so often the case...this bill will allow ANYONE to be contained and treated against their will this gives the authorities power over every citizen no matter their ethnicity, creed or religion

unless you are an MP and elite then their sectioning process is different

If you want to stop the draft mental health bill and agree with the above please sign this Petition


"bruised uk

1 comment to Steve Webb: I am happy to pay tribute to the hon. Gentleman's personal...

(posted on 12 Feb 2006)

in mind's ward watch campaign of last year it was recorded that still 23% of recent and current inpatients were sleeping in mixed wards...

31% still do not have access to single sex bathroom facilities

27% said they rarely felt safe while in hospital

only 44% said they felt safe all or most of the time

51% of current patients reported being verbally abused or physically threatened and 20% reported actual assault

56% were harrassed or assaulted by a patient or service user


1 comment to Rosie Winterton: There is no such thing, I am sure, especially in the hon....

(posted on 12 Feb 2006)

how can you put the modernising of mental health law and human rights in the same sentence as compulsory treatment it is a total contradiction...there is nothing humame about compulsion...try it out sometime it is extremly unpleasant

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: I am pleased to hear that my hon. Friend's visit to Jobcentre...

(posted on 12 Feb 2006)

this is one area of health that has nothing to do with race creed or religion if you are in this category you are treated with contempt from the start.. where is the compassion and where is the love?

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: I believe that there has been a turnaround in the delivery of...

(posted on 12 Feb 2006)

3 out of 4 a happy with their services well i must keep meeting the 1 in 4 who is'nt where do you come up with these only ask those that have had a half decent service in the first place

1 comment to Anne Milton: Does the Minister agree that despite the figures that she has...

(posted on 12 Feb 2006)

using cheap labour to get yourselves out of a hole as usual

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: My hon. Friend is right, because obviously, any suicide is a...

(posted on 9 Feb 2006)

how do you know the figures have dropped because of what you are doing...i have been told in many cases if there is no suicide note a suspicious death can be notched up as misadventure etc...not giving a true picture at all....let's face it you can make the figures say anything you want them to say

1 comment to Anthony Steen: There is not much point in closing down purpose-built...

(posted on 9 Feb 2006)

if your not using and abusing volunteers....then better still you can take advantage of those stuck caring for their loved ones at home with little or no help...and it's disgraceful to offer them respite without folllowing through to care for their loved one so they can get the break they so desperately need...let alone the thousands of young carers left to struggle to maintain their education with little or no social it any wonder that so many young are suffering in silence...

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: It is important to ensure that people who are dangerous or...

(posted on 9 Feb 2006)

the ammount of times you have made huge mistakes in deciding anyone behaving differently is automatically dangerous is the very start of stigma and discrimination...just because someone is behaving diferently does not mean you have to send half the police force to pick them up causing so much upset and distress that they do not conform to what the police want causing them to be hancuffed and man handled creating more stress then being carted off to an unknown destination is it any wonder they start reacting....police need more more more training in how to behave in these situations....remember sadly this is often the first experience of many patients to a terrifying system which is not a caring one....

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: Perhaps I can combine my answers to the interventions that...

(posted on 9 Feb 2006)

crisis home treatment has it's place and from my understanding it was supposed to be delivered in a home from home environment...meaning cosy calm and it is 2 strangers coming into your home if they have time and no-one else is in greater need than you...2 strangers making judgements about how you live looking at the washing up piling up and making you embarrassed that you didn't pull out of your depression in time to tidy up before they turn up....maybe we need sanctuary away from home in our hour of least if you scream on ward someone may take the time to see if you are really need to rethink what the word to care really means....

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: My hon. Friend describes very well the direction in which we...

(posted on 9 Feb 2006)

you just want volunteers to solve the problems you have created....

1 comment to Jim Devine: My hon. Friend will be aware that I worked as part of a...

(posted on 9 Feb 2006)

care in the community how can you get the community to care when the trusts don't and the media has scared most of this country into a not on my doorstep mentality excuse the pun....ignorance breeds fear....we are just like you....


How do you get it?

Sadly it has so many faces

Lets look at just a few

I hasten to add you cannot catch mental health by association

The sooner we can all understand this the better

The discrimination and stigma we suffer will hopefully abate

What are the causes?


Loss of a child Loss of a parent Loss of a partner

Long Term Care:

Care of a child Care of a parent Care of a partner


Childhood abuse Physical abuse Mental abuse Domestic violence

Emotional abuse Sexual abuse Verbal abuse Bullying

The above can cause the following

Low self esteem

Lack of confidence


Self neglect

Self harm



Notice the different degrees some things seem worse than others

Who are we to judge?

We must not judge!

Is my pain worse than yours?

Is my grief sadder that yours?

We all bleed when were cut

2 comments to Rosie Winterton: I beg to move, To leave out from 'House' to the end of the...

(posted on 9 Feb 2006)

we are now five years into the nsf and much is the have to have the financial back up to make any changes and you still are not putting in in nutrition is vital and you can't even get decent food in hospital whether in the acute ward or the psychiatric wing.....rock on jamie oliver...doctors don't even have any training in nutrition which is crazy as many mental health problems can be correct through change of diet...wake up please we are in the 21st century yet half this country is suffering from scurvy yet we do not recognise it....

1 comment to Charles Hendry: My hon. Friend has talked about people recovering from mental...

(posted on 9 Feb 2006)

of course they should...many prisoners are suffering from many debilertating emotional problems which are totally ignored and very often compounded

1 comment to Meg Hillier: As someone who represents a constituency with a high...

(posted on 9 Feb 2006)

let's not squabble about who mentioned mental health and when let's just keep mentioning emotional well being as much as possible

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(posted on 1 Feb 2006)

is this a cheap solution to shutting down the psychiatric wards up and down the country and saving money i wonder! up lots of places of safety (well youve done that in the guise of wards) you are starting help lines which will be engaged most of the time and if it's based at the other end of the country how will they know what services are available to us in kent for example when we don't even know..will they be manned by sympathetic, caring individuals who are allowed to help and make recommendations..if they are like the samaritans that is of no help when your medications gone wrongor you are scared of your gp you should really start thinking outside the box or eavesdrop on service user conversations then you may come up with caring solutions that actually help the citizens of this countrysorry you already eavesdrop grind the ideas down and produce less than satisfactory services and then make us all feel like ingratesdont forget you work for us..

1 comment to David Heath: I am grateful to the Minister. He is being very generous. The...

(posted on 1 Feb 2006)

yet another bullies tool....very similar to the mental health bill...

1 comment to Kenneth Clarke: I am not sure that the late Robin Cook would have agreed...

(posted on 1 Feb 2006)

yes the lords should be able to have more powers absolutely

1 comment to Child Abuse

(posted on 1 Feb 2006)

what is the standard of proof and where can it be obtained?

1 comment to Adrian Bailey: I have secured the debate to allow the House to consider...

(posted on 1 Feb 2006)

we should also be considering pornography and child pornography...mobiles with camera technology were invented for this use so people could have access without being checked on the net....happy slapping is sadly just the tip of the iceberg....

1 comment to Child Abuse

(posted on 1 Feb 2006)

Is it safe to send your children to church?....looks like we should ask this question.....

1 comment to Teaching Staff (Checks)

(posted on 24 Jan 2006)

Why are you depicting child abusers as dirty old men in raincoats and monsters.....I can asure you there is no stereotype....those that abuse children are doctors, social workers, judges, dentists, police, mechanics, polititions, bakers, candlestickmakers....people abuse children from every walk of life....and we forget that abusers are husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles and sadly wives, mothers, daughters and aunts, who are there when children return home from please remember like rats you are all probably standing within a few feet of an abuser every moment of everyday.....

1 comment to Child Protection

(posted on 24 Jan 2006)

Why are you depicting child abusers as dirty old men in raincoats and monsters.....I can asure you there is no stereotype....those that abuse children are doctors, social workers, judges, dentists, police, mechanics, polititions, bakers, candlestickmakers....people abuse children from every walk of life....and we forget that abusers are husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles and sadly wives, mothers, daughters and aunts, who are there when children return home from please remember like rats you are all probably standing within a few feet of an abuser every moment of everyday.....

1 comment to Mental Health Act Commission

(posted on 16 Jan 2006)

Is this report open to the public and if so how do we connect to the Library to see a copy

1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 20 Dec 2005)

This information should be held centrally and is majorly important......I am very interested to know the answer to this question....How many people detained are unable to speak english...How many of those saw an interpreter within the specified time....

1 comment to Owen Paterson: I echo the Minister's comments: I am delighted that there is...

(posted on 8 Dec 2005)

We need to educate people on how to eat fish....a campaign to make fish interesting...irresistable and appealing...maybe the fact that most fish still looks like a fish when lying on the fishmongers slab... whereas dear old daisy the cow or poor old shaun the sheep can be and are more easily 3 and 6 oils are essential to all...yet all the advertisements I have seen have made fish unappealing and frankly horrid even though they were actually advertising cereal!!!!...seems a strange combination never the less true....seems absurd....or are the ad men sending our young subliminal messages to encourage them not to eat fish at all....I wonder...

1 comment to Domestic Violence

(posted on 2 Dec 2005)

I do not understand why as much information as possible is not gathered with regards to domestic violence...This is such an important issue that all the evidence possible needs to be collected to totally understand the impact on those suffering

1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 1 Dec 2005)

Why is there to be no investigation?

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(posted on 17 Nov 2005)

this is hardly an light of the guardian and the independent claiming it has been shelved and now it could go through in 2 weeks...sounds as though it could get pushed through on a "good day for bad news" which will be a disgrace....when is the government going to realise they are the only ones pro it the lords don't like it the service user's don't like it most of the back benchers don't like it so why don't they start again....using the service user's and carer's in this country to help write a wonderful mental health bill which is "inclusive" and for the patient's well being, protection and human rights, surely that is the prime reason to have a bill.....

1 comment to Tim Loughton: I have raised with the Leader of the House on several...

(posted on 5 Nov 2005)

Thank you Tim for raising such an important issue...I attended the Mental Health Today conference on Wednesday...I asked this very question of the debate panel which was chaired by David Brindle who wrote the article you refer to...Sadly Rosie Winterton could not attend instead she was replaced by an MP who was not very well versed on the subject of Emotional Well-being...I asked twice whether the bill had been shelved only Lord Victor Adebowale answered and twice he said it had not been shelved...We need to clarify which information is correct...I would very much like to know who actually sits on the Code of Practice Working Party Group?...You no doubt will be aware that MP's are the only people to be treated differently if they are detained...section 141 is used...which maybe why some MP's seem to be so disinterested as it does not affect them directly...I also strongly agree that the subject of Mental Health should not only be discussed in the House immediately...but regularly as this is supposed to be one of the top 3 priorities of this government and it affects ¼ of the population of this country at least 14.7 million people which we actually know about!!...We are also failing to ask the police how this bill will affect they will be one of the key players in it's implementation

136 sections:

How many sections occur in this country every week?

How many more do the Police anticipate when the new Mental Health Bill is put into practice?

Who is being sectioned where are the figures for Age groups? Children, Adults, Older People. Gender? Race?

Where are the places of safety in this country based and are they manned 24/7?

How many Health Authorities use Police Cells as places of safety?

How many people die in custody on 136 sections?

Where are people transferred to, Prison? Psychiatric Ward? Or released?

What are the Polices feelings about the effect on their workload when the new Bill is introduced, there must be projection figures?

Do the police have enough manpower to sustain it?

How many people suffer physical injuries whilst being 136 sectioned?

How long are people detained in police custody within the 72-hour period?

How many are detained for longer than 72 hours due to psychiatric bed shortages?

How many people are left in the community due to shortages of beds, manpower, etc and our these figures (waiting lists) known?

What are the top 4 reasons for a person being in such a state that they need to be sectioned? (Domestic violence victim, breakdown, bereavement)

Is there greater clusters of sectioning in certain areas and why should this be?

Are the criteria for sectioning in this country the same from county to county?

If not who decides what criteria are implemented?

Are any 136 sections carried out by the private sector/independent sector?

What training have they received on Mental Health Issues?

We ask these questions, as an understanding of these issues is crucial.

Service Users and the Public need to be made aware of the 136 sectioning powers, and that anybody can have these measures used against them.


1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 24 Oct 2005)

This most certainly does not answer the question...I think it is very important to have these figures broken down into male/female these figures have surely been gathered so please answer the question!!

2 comments to Party Conferences

(posted on 19 Oct 2005)

No wonder it cost so much...It was like a ring of one could get near...

Whatever happened to free speech? and the right to protest? oh I forgot we do not have the right to protest unless previously arranged with the police. We are told where we can stand and for how long....We now live in a world of manufactured fear...making it impossible to get near anyone official without sadly becoming a suspect.... we are no longer safe to stand up for the underdog in case we become incarcerated....

You have to pay to attend the conference if you can afford it! If you speak up then you will be physically thrown out!!

conference: collins universal dictionary

a meeting for discussion of problems, etc. and interchange of views, a consultation.

Consult: collins universal dictionary

to ask advice of; to seek the opinion of; to look for information; to consider; to refer to; to deliberate; to confer; to take counsel.

Please Remain Quiet At All Times!!!!

And it has cost us a fortune not to have our say!

1 comment to Police

(posted on 24 Sep 2005)

this information should be pushed for....we need to get the figures as we will be shocked as to how many have left for these problems....and why is there so much stigma attached to it.....we're supposed to be pulling the walls of discrimination down!!

1 comment to David Blunkett: The personal capability assessment ought to be able to...

(posted on 19 Jul 2005)

we are assessed for this assesed for that...starting to feel like a is bad enough receiving incapacity benefit...and no help with a mortgage....I have run myself into huge debt due to the lack of help...if I were in council housing the government would be happy to pay a weekly rent of £75 plus but as I am stupid enough to own they do not pay a penny so it has to come out of my benfits which is £68 per week how is anyone meant to survive on that....and we need some straight answers as to whom can earn what..some are allowed to earn £20 per week without losing their benefits whilst other are allowed to earn up to £72 per week...why is it so hard to find out which catergory one fits into....and that you are even allowed to bulk up your benefits...


1 comment to Domestic Violence (Haringey)

(posted on 13 Jul 2005)

surely it is about time that these figures were logged, how many victims back down at the last minute and so the perpertrator beats us yet again....bad enough when its at home but again in chambers is too much...


1 comment to South West London and St. George's Mental Health Trust

(posted on 12 Jul 2005)

I would like to ask the questions...How many inpatients have died whilst in the care of South West London and St Georges Trust?..... have any staff ever been convicted of violence towards a patient?... Do patients have a liaison officer too?


1 comment to Mixed Sex Wards

(posted on 6 Jul 2005)

This is riddiculous make your minds up...single sex is not just because you have your own room if your on a corridor with 17 other people male and female...Unable to lock your rooms how is this keeping you safe???? single sex means

women only/men only as it should be within the mental health system.

I would remind you to read the

Mind "Ward watch campaign"


1 comment to Antisocial Behaviour Orders

(posted on 6 Jul 2005)

This is not acceptable. I cannot translate gobbldiegook which this is...How many places of safety are available to minors across the country.

If there is no room at the inn are we putting minors into police cells or on adult wards neither of which is desired.


1 comment to Antisocial Behaviour Orders

(posted on 6 Jul 2005)

This answer is totally un acceptable.

If asbo's are to be handed out to all and sundry we need to keep an eye on the numbers locally and nationally. Checking that these new powers are not being misused. It is essential to know who is being targeted....Ethnic minorities etc


1 comment to Martin Horwood: I fear that the hon. Gentleman is correct and the basis of...

(posted on 15 Jun 2005)

I am horrified, yet not totally surprised that yet again Mental Health is lagging behind in the funding department. Considering there is not enough money via the Government, but to realise that this is nowhere near matched by the Mental Health charities no wonder we remain a cinderella service......

We make up a quarter of the population in this country, it has no boundaries everyone is touched by this epedemic of lack of care and love, for our fellow man, no matter what colour, age, religion you can be affected by and become one of this countries statistics......

1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 9 Jun 2005)

How many beds for adolescents are available in the country, and is this sufficient, figures don't show that someone may need a bed, but they will not go on a list as there are no beds available....this seems to happen a lot making most figures fairly mute.

The same for services if the doctor knows that the waithing list is long or some services aren't available they don't put you on the list in the first place.

You should work the figures out back to front what is most wanted? is it available? how long a wait, and is it even accessible for most, then start counting as to who get's what...

1 comment to Rosie Winterton: The hon. Gentleman knows very well, because I am sure that he...

(posted on 14 Apr 2005)

If £728 million extra has been spent on mental health what is the total spend before the extra money??

1 comment to Accident and Emergency Departments

(posted on 14 Apr 2005)

Is weston completely without beds for mental health and learning disability patients

1 comment to Nimhe

(posted on 14 Apr 2005)

Where is the accountability to the patients, service user's and carer's.....

1 comment to Deafness

(posted on 14 Apr 2005)

No mention of service user's being part of this implementation group...isn't it part of nimhe's aims and objectives to have user participation from top to bottom.....

1 comment to Springfield Mental Hospital

(posted on 14 Apr 2005)

Who keeps the figures for 136 sections is it the police or the home office...are they readily available to the public...since the information act came into play in january

1 comment to Mental Health Beds

(posted on 14 Apr 2005)

Can stephen ladyman please tell us the same figures for kent since 1997????

1 comment to Nimhe

(posted on 14 Apr 2005)

I am amazed that so many nimhe staff got to go to nz it would have made more sense to have sent only service user's and carer's...I am interested as to how the service user was chosen and whether they are a trustee of nimhe and were they chosen by their peers or by nimhe staff...

In this day of such amazing technology I understand that there was no need to spend £24,000 on 11 people, it would have been far cheaper to have connected everyone by internet.....maybe next time this should be taken into consideration......

1 comment to Nimhe

(posted on 14 Apr 2005)

I am shocked to discover that the nimhe directors receive as much as the chief executives of the various nhs the nimhe directors work a 5 day week as a rule?

1 comment to Ministerial Duties

(posted on 14 Apr 2005)

what a lot of money, many service users could have attended the mind conference had funds like that been available to them...

1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 14 Apr 2005)

This sounds like a very good service why isn't it being rolled out across the country as there are far to few help lines offering counselling from professionals and covering such a good timescale as most problems occur at night and at the weekend especially


1 comment to Mental Health

(posted on 14 Apr 2005)

I would like rosie winterton to actually breakdown the figures for the help lines and give some examples of which ones the money went to.....were the monies given to the large charities i.e. rethink, sane, mind etc and if so how much did they get in comparison to the smaller voluntary run help lines....I am especially interested in kent's help lines...

many thanx