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Biography of Jessica Clements

I grew up with cats inside my home and outside a host of creatures from round the world. My father's job meant I grew up in Australia, Africa and the Far East. The animals I met always delighted me with their wonderful colours, delightful sounds and intriguing behaviours.

I had the brain Haemorrhage in Australia, and unexpectedly I found that my "darstadly" cat Paddy was in fact a friend! His favourite game was hiding behind the sofa till I walked in. Then he ambushed me sinking both claws and teeth into my leg! I can still hear my Mum's laughter as she peeled him off me again! For the month I was in hospital he, though, had stationed himself on my bed waiting for my return. He taught me that though something might appear to be negative there is always a positive side to it. You just have to find it! It was my Elephant who went on to introduce me to the beautiful and powerful images I now have instead of the ugly scars of a brain injury.

My favourite "Get Well Card" came from my babysitter. It said, "If you are feeling unwell, the best thing to do is to go to the window and open it wide. Then stick out your head and scream at the top of your voice. It wont cure you but it'll certainly startle the neighbours!" Out of the many cards I received his is the only one I can remember word for word and that was because it made me laugh. He always knew when laughter was needed. No matter how dire the circumstances you cannot abandon laughter! It's too good a healing tool!

My brain injury had quite an effect on my schooling. Academia was no longer an option so I went towards another love of mine, theatre. This led to a wonderful decade of learning the skills of acting, directing, storytelling, clowning and teaching.

Then a dear friend of mine, Teresa Pignatelli, introduced me to her friend, Isabella ben Charada. Isabella had been trained in the Totem Pole system of therapy by Steven Gallegos. (link to them) It was on a Saturday afternoon in September that I met an Elephant. He went on to introduce me to all of my other animals. They are a snake, a dragonfly, a phoenix and its fleas, a goldfish and a black panther. I walk with them on a daily basis. They are always there when I need them and I know they always will be.

Doug's goldfish picture

Every day I thank my animals, and as I introduce others to their Heart's Animal, I teach them to do the same. My life has not been an easy one, the injury I sustained nearly took my life, but I would not change it. It has enabled me to meet and begin wonderful relationships with an amazing group of inner guides. I hope that when you meet your Heart's Animal, and your relationship begins, that you too will see it as the most important in your life, for it is the relationship with your heart.