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We deserve to know the truth about the safety of our prescription drugs

November 2006

Doubts over government commitment to Northern Ireland proposals

The government’s response to radical plans to reform Northern Ireland’s mental health and learning difficulties services has disappointed the sectors. Mithran Samuel reports

Posted: 09 November 2006 | Full Article

Why social care in Northern Ireland needs modernising: special report

Northern Ireland’s health minister announced a major overhaul of the province’s mental health and learning difficulties services this week. Paul Goggins’ announcement comes on the back of four years of work by a government-commissioned review, which will continue into next year.

Posted: 03 November 2006 | Full Article

Services shake-up for Northern Ireland

The health minister for Northern Ireland has promised major reform of the country’s “outdated” mental health and learning difficulties services.

Posted: 02 November 2006 | Full Article

October 2006

Northern Ireland: super health and social services trusts set to replace existing structures. What do professionals think?

Once regarded as a model for the UK to follow, the system of integrated health and social services in Northern Ireland is to be completely rebuilt. Directors and managers see some advantages but others aren’t so sure, reports David Callaghan

Posted: 26 October 2006 | Full Article

Defining social work: five ways to explain to multidisciplinary colleagues what social work is

The government’s new Options for Excellence report flags up the need for a proper definition of social work. Here, Malcolm Payne offers a few thoughts of his own

Posted: 26 October 2006 | Full Article

JULY 2006

Cameron's hug a hoodie gesture bellies anti-stake stance

"Cameron's words could signal a major break from the "hang 'em, flog 'em" Tory tradition. What is of concern is how he proposes to improve the situation"

Posted: 20 July 2006 | Full Article

Cameron wrong to say UK is classless

One of our team of practitioner columnists gives his take on whether the UK has become more classless

Posted: 06 July 2006 | Full Article

MAY 2006

Call for greater commitment to restorative justice as Northern Ireland shows way ahead

The chair of the Youth Justice Board has accused the government of failing to act on its rhetoric about using restorative justice schemes for young offenders.

Posted: 25 May 2006 | Full Article

MARCH 2006

Charity to sue trust over £1m ‘subsidy’

A charity plans to sue an NHS trust alleging it has failed to cover the costs of running five residential care homes, in a case that could set an important precedent.

Posted: 30 March 2006 | Full Article

Northern Ireland children's commissioner dies

Northern Ireland children's commissioner Nigel Williams died yesterday at home, his office has announced. He was diagnosed with cancer two years ago.

Posted: 28 March 2006 | Full Article

Single safeguarding board for N Ireland

A single safeguarding children board for Northern Ireland is to be set up to co-ordinate efforts to protect children.

Posted: 23 March 2006 | Full Article

N Ireland claimants face being isolated

Asylum seekers and failed asylum seekers in Northern Ireland could lose contact with lawyers and their support networks, it is feared.

Posted: 16 March 2006 | Full Article


Allowances too low in Northern Ireland

Foster carers in Northern Ireland receive allowances below recommended levels, research has found.

Posted: 24 February 2006 | Full Article


Frontlines with Helen Bonnick

As social workers, we can learn much from books and films but downmarket TV shows can be instructive too, writes Helen Bonnick

Posted: 05 January 2006 | Full Article

Bell's appointment wins wide approval

Campaigners have welcomed David Bell as the new top civil servant at the Department for Education and Skills.

Posted: 05 January 2006 | Full Article

Singleton a knight in new year gongs

Roger Singleton, who recently retired as chief executive of children's charity Barnardo's, was awarded a knighthood for services to children in the new year honours.

Posted: 05 January 2006 | Full Article


Services shake-up in N Ireland welcomed

Northern Ireland's social services face a major overhaul under plans unveiled last week.

Posted: 01 December 2005 | Full Article


Opinion: Royal ties that strain ethos of social care

"Identification with the unelected monarchy is at odds with some of the values implicit in social welfare"

Posted: 17 November 2005 | Full Article